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El Paraíso Karaoke Bar

  • Address: Calle Maceo, between Frank País and Pelayo Cuervo.
  • Opening hours : 21h00 to 02h00 Tuesday to Sunday
  • Tel : 21 64 34 46

Bar Yaima

One of the most beautiful terraces in Baracoa, with very good cocktails.

El Parque Cafeteria

Variety of light and sweet meals.

Evening activities with entertainment and recorded music.

  • Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day.
  • Tel : 21 64 12 06
  • Address: Calle Maceo s/n. Central Park.

Casa de la Trova

It is the best place to listen and dance to traditional Cuban music performed by local bands.

One of the most atmospheric in Cuba, you can discover the Nengen, Kiribá or let yourself be carried away to the voodoo rhythms of changüí. Order a mojito and join the show.

  • Hours : every night until about 2 am.
  • Address: Maceo n° 149 B, between Ciro Frías and Pelayo Cuervo, Baracoa

Casa de la Cultura

This venue offers a wide variety of shows, including a good rumba that incorporates the classic Cuban styles of guaguancó, yambú and columbia (subgenres of rumba).

Be prepared for public participation.

Modern art exhibitions featuring local artists are organized, as well as regular concerts,

Good participatory show on the terrace every Saturday at 11 pm

  • Tel: 21 64 23 64
  • Address Antonio Maceo n° 124 between Frank País & Maraví
  • The city’s orchestra

plays every Sunday in the Plaza Independencia, and the adjacent Plaza Martí hosts chess tournaments on weekends.

El Patio de Artex

As in all Cuban cities, the Artex patios are reference points to discover the local culture and see the best bands of the region play live.

  • Address: Calle Maceo No. 120 bajos, e/ Frank País y Maraví.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am – midnight | 10am – 2am Saturday and Sunday
  • Tel : 21 64 51 97

El Ranchón

It is the local disco, in the open air and with a magnificent view of the city

Live bands and DJs play there

Although it opens at 9pm, it doesn’t really get going until midnight when Casa de la Trova and Casa de la Música close.

Popular with the youth of Baracoa

They also have a nice restaurant

  • Address: Loma Paraíso, above Calixto García
  • telephone : 21 64 32 68
  • Schedule: every day from 9pm – 2am
  • Entry : 1 Cuc

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