Baracoa’s climate and geographic isolation have created a unique Cuban cuisine based on spices, sugar, exotic fruits and coconut.

Fish is featured on most menus, but even seafood can hold a few surprises.

Count on tasting tiny teti fish caught in the Rio Toa between July and January, during the waning moon.

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The Chocolate

The region is the center of Cuba’s cocoa production and the cocoa plant thrives here, and there are a large number of chocolate stores in town


Product made from cocoa beans harvested in the region.

The beans are essentially processed into a solid piece of cocoa grated into a pan of hot milk,

The result is a delicious chocolate.

El Tetí

This tiny and tasty fish is found at the mouth of rivers that flow into the Caribbean Sea.

It is cooked in different ways and is often thrown as is into different dishes, or salted and dried and used like dried shrimp in Asian dishes.

It is found in abundance only in the second half of the year.

El Bacan

Although the cacao trees dominate the landscape, there are also many banana crops around the city.

El bacan is a grated green banana, often mixed with crab meat. It may sound strange, but it is excellent.


Baracoa’s most unique culinary invention is undoubtedly the cucurucho, a delicate blend of dried coconut, sugar, honey, papaya, guayaba, tangerine and walnuts (no two concoctions are ever quite the same) that is wrapped in an eco-friendly palm frond.

The best products are sold by the campesinos of La Farola who arrive in town from Guantánamo, a stop usually made by bus.


The biggest flavor explosion is a locally concocted coconut sauce called lechita, a mixture of coconut milk, tomato sauce, garlic and a medley of spices, best enjoyed with shrimp, aguja (swordfish) or sea bream.


frangollo, a preparation of ground bananas mixed with sugar.

Sweets are a Baracoa tour de force, thanks in large part to the ubiquity of the cacao plant and the presence of the famous Che Guevara chocolate factory. Baracoa chocolate is sold all over the island, but the local Casa del Cacao is an obvious pick-up point.

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