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The week of the culture of Baracoa

Every year, during the last week of March, this cultural celebration takes place, full of the most authentic traditions, with different activities and demonstrations of various artistic and dance manifestations, from the indigenous thing to the modern thing, framed by different local events: the feast of Kiribá and Nengón, characterized by a wide popular participation, with fairs, expoventas, dances, and it ends with the pilgrimage and the festivities of April 1.

Fiesta de las Aguas

These are festivities along the route of the millennium of the Village between the days of 10 to 15 August each year, describing the city of waters, 29 rivers, beaches, includes solemnity and commemorative activities for the yeariv. Of the Villa,

Carnivals of Baracoa

These are annual celebrations at the beginning of April with an enthusiastic program that allows recreation for children and adults. It is an opportunity to get to know the traditions of the people of Baracoa. Conga parades, musical groups and folkloric characters are organized. They dance with groups on the chords of the real Cuban son.

Ranchón del Nengón and el Kiribá

This festival is a socio-cultural manifestation of a group of porters in the community of Güirito, 10 kms. from Baracoa, in the middle of large cacao plantations, coffee plantations and the high incidence of food, where the families of the descendants frequently practice these traditions of songs and dances in a Ranchón Campestre and share them with the visitors, accompanied by their drinks and typical dishes of cocoa, coconuts, guineo, sweets, beans, calalú, bacán, cucurucho, turrones, frangollos, etc.

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